HSC Routine 2023

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam is a crucial milestone in a student’s academic journey. It is a national-level examination that is conducted every year in Bangladesh. The HSC exam is administered by the Bangladesh Education Board, and it is held in different educational institutions across the country.

The HSC exam is an important examination for the students as it is the gateway to higher education. The HSC exam results are used by universities and other higher education institutions to determine a student’s eligibility for admission. Therefore, it is imperative that students prepare well for the HSC exam.

HSC Routine 2023: Exam Schedule

The HSC Exam Schedule 2023 is not yet officially announced by the Bangladesh Education Board. However, it is expected to be conducted in June/July 2023. The official exam schedule will be announced on the Bangladesh Education Board’s website, and it will also be communicated to the educational institutions.

The education board has announced a timeline for the Preliminary Test exam. Once the test exam is completed, the board will release the schedule for the main exam. Please find the Preliminary Test exam timeline below.

hsc 2023

The exam schedule will include the date and time for each subject, and it is important for the students to follow the schedule. The schedule is designed to ensure that all the subjects are covered, and there is sufficient time for revision. It is important for the students to adhere to the schedule and make a study plan accordingly.

HSC Exam 2023: Preparation Tips

In order to prepare for the HSC exam, students should start preparing well in advance. They should create a study plan and allocate sufficient time for each subject. They should also practice solving previous year’s question papers, and take mock tests to assess their preparation level.


In conclusion, the HSC Exam Schedule 2023 is expected to be announced soon, and students should start preparing for the exam. They should follow the schedule, make a study plan, and practice solving previous year’s question papers. With dedication and hard work, students can ace the HSC exam and secure a bright future.

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